New Zealand’s First Electric Go-Karts Showed at Splash Planet

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The new electric go-karts at Splash Planet in Hastings provide a refreshing alternative to the unpleasant emissions associated with traditional amusement go-karts.

Splash Planet has invested approximately $350,000 to procure a fleet of brand-new electric speed machines, providing visitors with an exciting and eco-friendly ride.

The new electric Go Karts at Splash Planet in Hastings are already proving a hit

Image by NZHerald

And you can also enjoy it with a companion accompanying you while driving.

This week, there was an addition of new vehicles. At the same time, the single-seaters and double-seaters are already gaining popularity among the residents.

The introduction of these specific single electric karts and double-seaters at Splash Planet makes it the exclusive place in New Zealand and Australia for this particular offering.

According to the manager of sports and recreation at Splash Planet, Tom Page, there were several reasons to get new karts.

The initial karts had exceeded their lifespan of 30 years and were no longer operational. The maintenance team was dedicating significant effort to repairing them, which made it challenging to maintain enough karts to satisfy the demand on the track.

According to him, the karts have been modified over the years to comply with safety standards. However, although they have always complied with regulations, their safety features were not sufficient. Therefore, it was decided that new karts were necessary to ensure optimal safety.

Besides, there was a concern regarding the fuel used and its environmental impact.

The management estimated the safety risks associated with fuel handling. Furthermore, reducing carbon emissions was considered an added advantage.

As part of the park’s extensive renovation, the cost of the project was approximately $350,000, including the purchase, shipping, and some infrastructure work.

Reportedly, the French company Sodi Kart manufactured the new karts, which are designed to be lighter, resulting in better handling and more responsive controls.

To operate the kart, drivers must be over 140cm tall. In addition, any Splash Planet entry pass, except for the spectator pass, can be used.

According to Page, we request that drivers are skilled, and if uncertain, they should try Jungle Jeeps first, as they are slower-moving karts with lower risk for drivers.

Page further said it is advisable to act swiftly if you wish to experience a kart ride this summer, as the queues tend to fill up rapidly.

The go-karts have always been a crowd favorite. Upon opening, visitors usually head straight to their location in order to secure their place at the front of the queue.

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