See the new three-story go-kart track coming to C.J. Barrymore’s next year

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C.J. Barrymore’s Family Entertainment Center, located in Detroit, Michigan, will introduce a new three-story go-kart track to its attraction hub at the beginning of next year.

See the new three-story go-kart track coming to C.J. Barrymore's next year

The upcoming Indy Skytrack is being built on one of the old go-kart tracks at C.J. Barrymore’s Family Entertainment Center. The track will be over 1,500 feet long and take you on a thrilling three-story climb over the vortex.

Pricing for both single and double karts is $8.00 per ride.

C.J. Barrymore’s Entertainment announced it in their Facebook post, mentioning’, “As you drop swiftly in a compact area, it will certainly enhance the thrill of the race.”

C.J. Barrymore's Is Set to Introduce a New Three-Story Go-Kart Track Next Year

The circuit is drawing parallels to the Mario Kart experience. According to a report by WXYZ-TV, the Indy Skytrack track will target families and feature karts with approximately 20 mph speeds.

When is the new karting going to open?

This new three-story go-kart track is scheduled for May 2024 in Clinton Township of C.J. Barrymore’s. However, an early opening in April is also possible if the construction work is completed ahead of schedule during the winter.

David Dalpizzol, the General Manager at C.J. Barrymore’s, has confirmed that the track is undergoing complete resurfacing, a new rail system, and construction of a three-story vortex.

He further said,

This $2.5 million investment project enhances excitement by ascending three stories and then plunging down.

C.J. Barrymore’s assured that the recent updates will accommodate more cars on the track.

This is the latest addition to the attractions at C.J. Barrymore’s, which already features miniature golf, multiple go-kart tracks, arcades, drop towers, bumper boats, bumper cars, bowling, and other fun activities.

Additionally, David Dalpizzol informed;

“To enjoy the go-kart ride, participants must have a height of at least 58 inches.”

The estimated top speed for these karts is expected to range between 18-20 mph.

There are also double karts designed for an adult and a child to enjoy together. This allows even the little ones to experience the excitement of the big track.

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