Experience Thrills at the Top Go-Kart Tracks in Orlando, Florida

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From the cheesy 15 mph to 40+, there’s something for everyone in Orlando no matter what kind of driver you are. Whether you are learning on a slow electric kart track or you are looking for gas-powered karts for professional racers, Orlando has the right tracks in the state to make you happy.

But before you start riding, make sure your practice, need for speed, ideal setting, and budget for the proper track selection.  

Besides, if you still need to decide which track is the right fit for your skill or group size? Let’s explore the top ways in more detail.

Experience Thrills at the Top Go-Kart Tracks in Orlando, Florida

Top 5 Go Kart Tracks in Orlando, Florida

Orlando is home to some of the best go-kart tracks in the country, offering speed and excitement for all ages and skill levels. From professionally designed outdoor tracks to high-tech indoor venues, you’ll find state-of-the-art karts that allow you to race like a pro. 

1. Fun Spot America

I visited the park with my kids one week ago, and it was such a fantastic experience! We explored thrilling rides for the grown-ups and adorable kiddie attractions. If you’re planning a family day out, Fun Spot America is definitely the place to be! Looking forward to making more memories on our next visit.

fun-spot America Orlando

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 Details About the Action-Packed Kart Tracks

Fun Spot has multiple go-kart tracks, including indoor and outdoor options. The outdoor multi-level way is one of the longest in Orlando at 1,800 feet. Karts can reach up to 45 mph on this swift winding track, including sharp turns and a 50-foot overpass bridge.

Both single and double-karts are available to accommodate one or two riders. Fun Spot has a European-style way for indoor karting faster and more intense than the outdoor course. Young children can enjoy the fun on a third beginner track with slower karts designed for ages five and up.

Pricing, Hours, And Location

Pricing per race varies based on the time of day and ranges from $7-$9 for a single rider. The park is open year-round, and sessions run from 10 to 18 minutes, depending on the track. The venue’s central location on International Drive makes it very convenient for visitors in the central Orlando tourist district.

Events Hosted

In addition to open karting sessions, Fun Spot frequently hosts events like the annual Chuck Nicholson Memorial Charity Kart Race, raising money for Give Kids the World Village. Group pricing, birthday parties, and ride packages are also available.

Types of Karts/Rides Available

Fun Spot offers single and double-rider karts. They have adult karts that go up to 45mph and kids karts for ages 5 and up that go slower. They also have roller coasters, bumper cars, carousels, and other amusement park rides.

Safety Information

All riders must be at least 54 inches tall, and closed-toe shoes are required.

2. Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Orlando

Andretti Karting Orlando is conveniently located close to Universal Orlando Resort. I went to that theme park in August with my family. My little brother who is 5 was tall enough for some of the rides and really loved it too. I loved racing my dad in the go-karts and beating his time! We were there for 6 hours and did not want to leave. I can’t wait to go back again soon. Some of the key facts about Andretti Orlando are the following.

Andretti Indoor Karting & Games Orlando

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Details About the Action-Packed Kart Tracks

The multi-level track stretches across 100,000 square feet and is the longest indoor track in Florida at nearly 1/3 of a mile. Karts can reach top speeds of up to 50 mph on the straightaways of this professional-grade circuit.

Types of Karts Available (Speeds, Single/Double Seating, etc.)

Andretti Orlando has a fleet of European electric karts specially manufactured for smooth performance. The go-karts have pedals you can adjust to fit drivers of all heights. Single and double karts are available, with double karts allowing co-pilots as young as 5 years old to ride along.

Various racing packages allow sessions between 5 to 30 minutes long. Pricing ranges from $22-$54 depending on race length and time of day.

Arcade Games and Attractions

The facility also houses over 100 arcade games, a zipline, rock climbing walls, bowling lanes, motion thrill rides, and various dining options.

Leagues and Competitions

Andretti Orlando holds regular events like kids’ camps, racing leagues, and competitions with prizes on the line.

Party/Event Hosting Options

Private rooms are offered for birthday parties and corporate events.

Safety Information

For safely driving, it is a prerequisite that you fulfil the requirement of 56 inches tall. You can ride with an adult if you are between 52 and 56 inches tall. The venue is open year-round from 10 am to midnight.

3. Orlando Kart Center

Orlando Kart Center is located just 5 miles from Orlando International Airport, making it easy for tourists and locals alike to access. This track is one of my favourites, as I visited it last summer vacation with my kids. My 5-year-old felt so grown up riding along with me. The professional-grade karts and safety gear provided an exciting yet controlled environment for all ages to enjoy. Look at the details you need to know before your visit to the Kart Center.

Orlando Kart Center

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Details About the Action-Packed Kart Tracks

The track is just over 1/2 mile long and can accommodate up to 30 karts at once. Karts are equipped with 6.5 horsepower engines and centrifugal clutches, allowing them to reach speeds of 45 mph.

Kart types/speeds

Several kart models are available, including single-seater karts for adults and teens and double karts with adult and child seating for kids ages five and up. Karts range from 6.5 to 13 horsepower. Speeds top out around 50 mph for the fastest adult karts.

Safety precautions information

For safety, riders need to use helmets and headstocks. Fun Spot provides those for free. The track has a professional lighting system for races at night.

Party/Event Hosting Options

Racers of all skill levels are welcome, as slower karts are provided for beginners. The facility hosts events throughout the year, like the OKC Racing Series with cash prizes and the annual Rockin’ New Year’s Eve race. Concessions and spectator seating are available to enhance the racing experience. Private events can also be booked.

4. K1 Speed

It is located in Kissimmee near Orlando’s theme park, I still remember the hot summer when our children wanted to drive the go-kart, but it was difficult to bear the hotness outside. Suddenly I remembered K1 Speed’s air-conditioned tracks. We headed over for their indoor electric karting. The kids had a blast zooming around the track in the faster Pro karts while I drove the slower karts with our youngest. It was a thrilling experience for all! Let’s tell you the facts: 

K1 Speed orlando florida

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Details About the Action-Packed Kart Tracks

A range of karts are available to accommodate racers as young as 5 years old, with child double karts for kids under 52″. Adult single karts and double karts are also provided.

Race lengths can be booked between 10-30 minutes, with pricing from $22-$45 depending on kart type and session time. Discounted packages and annual membership options are available.

Precautionary measures

Safety is ensured with required full-face helmets, headstocks, and instructional videos. Driving a kart alone would help if you were at least 58 inches tall. You can ride with an adult if you’re between 52 and 58 inches tall.

The venue is always climate-controlled for year-round racing enjoyment. Staff monitors the track and pits for safe driving. Karts are electronically limited to track speeds. Riders must follow the rules and drive responsibly to ensure a secure, fun experience.

Leagues and Competitions

K1 Speed hosts competitive leagues and tournaments for experienced adult and junior racers looking to showcase their skills.

Event hosting at K1

K1 Speed offers special racing events, party hosting services, and catering packages. In addition to open karting sessions, K1 offers private events like kids’ birthday parties in their specialized party rooms.

Types of karts/speed

K1 Speed has a wide selection of karts for all ages and skill levels. Kids can start racing in double karts at just five years old with adult drivers. They offer child, adult, and double karts at both speeds – faster “Pro” karts and slower “Amateur” karts.

Top speeds reach up to 50mph in the high-performance adult Pro karts, while child karts max out at just 20mph. Kart types accommodate riders as light as 55 lbs up to 275 lbs.

5. I-Drive NASCAR

Last month, I took my sons to go-karting at I-Drive NASCAR for the first time. We had a blast racing the swift electric karts on the thrilling multi-level indoor track. It was an amazing moment when reaching speeds up to 50 mph, I gripped my steering wheel tight around sharp corners as my kids zoomed ahead, laughing. Though I finished last, we all left smiling, thrilled by the heart-racing adventure.


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Details About the Action-Packed Kart Tracks

I-Drive NASCAR features both indoor and outdoor tracks. The outdoor track is a 1/4 mile asphalt track that allows karts to reach up to 45 mph. The indoor multi-level track has European-style capable of speeds up to 50 mph.

Pricing, Hours, Location

I-Drive NASCAR is open seven days a week from 9 am-11 pm. Ticket pricing starts at $25 for a single 8-minute race. Packages and group rates are available. The facility is conveniently situated near other International Drive attractions.

Types of Karts/Rides Available

I-Drive NASCAR offers a variety of karts and rides. From single and double-seater karts to junior karts for kids, they have options for all ages and skill levels. For multi-rider experiences, they also offer the Cyclone 360 amusement ride.

Safety Information

Safety is a top priority at I-Drive NASCAR. All karts are professionally maintained and inspected daily. For safety, helmets are always required when riding on the go-kart tracks. Furthermore, the racers need to be at least 52 inches tall to ride alone.

Events Hosted

I-Drive NASCAR can host group events, including children’s birthday parties and corporate team-building activities. The facility also hosts theme nights like date nights and ladies’ nights periodically.

Comparison of Different Go-Kart Tracks

Orlando offers stellar go-kart racing options to suit all ages and experience levels. Let’s have a look at the Summary of crucial differences between tracks.

  • Orlando Kart Center – outdoor, professional track, serious kart enthusiasts
  • Fun Spot – outdoor, beginner track, young children
  • Andretti Orlando – indoor, families, amateurs, multi-attraction
  • K1 Speed – indoor, focused on racing excitement

Recommendations for families, seasoned karters, parties, etc.

  • Fun Spot – great value, lowest pricing, suitable for young racers
  • Andretti Orlando – longest indoor track in Florida, variety of games/rides/dining
  • Orlando Kart Center – maximum speed, professional events, hardcore fans
  • K1 Speed – high-tech track, kids programs, ideal for families

Comparison table of the kart tracks 

I-Drive NASCARIndoor and OutdoorLocated on International Drive, features both indoor and outdoor tracks up to 50 mphIdeal for families, groups, all ages, and skill levels. Exciting rides like Cyclone 360 are also available.
Orlando Kart CenterOutdoorProfessional track, serious kart enthusiastsMaximum speed, professional events, hardcore fans
Fun SpotOutdoorBeginner track, young childrenGreat value, lowest pricing, good for young racers
Andretti OrlandoIndoorFamilies, amateurs, multi-attractionLongest indoor track in Florida, variety of games/rides/dining
K1 SpeedIndoorFocused on racing excitementHigh-tech track, kids programs, ideal for families

Ultimately, track selection depends on factors like your skill level, need for speed, ideal setting, and budget. Testing out the various tracks is a great way to discover which one you like best.  

Final Words 

From professional competitions to family fun, Orlando’s go-karting scene has it all. It provides no shortage of exciting attractions to fill your vacation days. 

Just remember to choose a track fitting your skill level and age range and enjoy the laughing moments with your kids and family. So, what’s waiting for, strap on your safety gear and helmet and hit the track to experience an elating slice of Orlando’s famous entertainment offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum age to drive a go-kart alone at Orlando tracks?

The minimum age to drive alone is typically between 52-58 inches tall, depending on the track. Drivers under the minimum height can often still ride as a passenger with an adult.

Do I need prior experience to race go-karts in Orlando?

No prior experience is required. The tracks offer instruction and sessions for beginners. Many also have junior or cadet karts for younger novice racers.

How much does go-karting cost in Orlando?

Pricing varies by track and session length but averages $20-$30 for a 10-15 minute race. Additional rides, longer sessions, and extras like photo packages cost more.

Can I book a private or group event at the tracks?

Yes, most tracks offer private room rentals and catering for birthday parties, corporate team building, and other events. Group pricing and racing packages are available.

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