How to Change a Go Kart Tire – A Step-by-Step Guide

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Are you worried about ‘How to change a go kart tire’? Well, by reading this guide, you will change a tire like a pro without any obstacles or hardships.

Changing a go-kart tire is similar to changing a car tire. This will be easy for experienced drivers but challenging for beginners and those who have never changed a car tire. 

How to Change a Go Kart Tire - A Step-by-Step Guide

Here is a step-by-step guide that will help you in changing kart tires any time confidently and easily. 

Here is the list for how to change kart tires in 7 easy steps.

1. Gather the Necessary Tools

Typically, changing a kart tire doesn’t require specific tools; just a few common tools from your garage can do the job efficiently. However, having leather gloves, dish soap, pry tools, locking pliers, a 4-way valve tool, and side cutters is considered professional.

2. Tire Selection

When you are going to replace your kart tire with a new one, you must refer to the numbers on the sidewall of your current tires to find a suitable match for your rims. Take a look at these two examples of tire sizes to understand how to read them.

  • 22 X 11.00 – 8: This Tire has a diameter of 22 inches and a width of 11 inches and fits perfectly on an 8-inch rim
  • 145/70-6: It has a width of 145 millimetres, an aspect ratio of 70%, and fits on a 6-inch rim. 
  • FYI: Its diameter is 14 inches, which you can calculate by doubling the product of 145 mm and 0.7, changing to inches, and adding the rim diameter.

Important Note: Choosing slicks or rain tires for racing go-karts is recommended. Turf-saver tires are suitable for yard go-karts and golf carts. And for off-road purposes, knobby or v-tread tires are the best kart option

3. Remove the Tire from the Rim

Now let’s learn about “how to remove a go-kart tire”? 

removing the tire from the go kart rim

Using your knee or hand, you should start pressing the bead towards the rim’s centre. This will create a small gap on the other side of the Tire. Insert your pry tool or screwdriver into the gap and push the bead over the outer rim edge. 

You should keep using the additional pry tools to work under the bead in a circular pattern until it pops off the rim. After removing the first tire bead, position the remaining bead towards the centre of the rim. 

Simultaneously, use a pry tool to remove the opposite end of the bead from the rim. Make sure to position the bead on the thinnest part of the rim to allow for enough space for the bead to pop off easily.

4. Break the Bead from the Rim

Before removing the Tire from the rim, breaking the bead is necessary. This can be challenging, especially for older and worn-out tires. The bead refers to the steel wires wrapped in rubber and located inside the Tire. 

When you break the bead, the rubber-coated steel ring will be separated from the rim. This will remove the Tire from the rim. First, use a 4-way valve tool to remove the valve and let all the air out of the Tire.

To make tire removal easier, mix dish soap and water and pour it onto the area where the rim and bead meet. The dish soap mixture will lubricate the bead and rim, making it easier to remove the Tire. If you face difficulty, you can use a tire-changing tool for extra leverage.

5. Change the Tubeless Valve Stem

When you change your tires, you also must change the tubeless rubber snap-in valve for one-piece rims. This is because these valve stems are made of rubber that can be damaged like the tires. Besides, this valve inside the stem may decay, which would stop working at the end. To change the valve stem, you have to smash the bead.

Most tubeless valve stems are snap-in style valves, which should be sliced from the bottom and exited off the rim. A couple of side cutters immediately work for the valve stem.

After this, just put the new snap-in valve stem into the rim cavity, and screw the 4-way valve tool onto the stem threads. You can pull on the 4-way tool to snap the rubber stem into the rim.

Remember that tubeless valve stems are of different sizes. So, calculating the diameter of the hole of the rim is the critical point, which is probably to be 0.453″. 

6. Install the New Tire

How to install go-kart tires is another crucial question for go-kart drivers. And this process is the opposite of removing them. First, you should lubricate the edges of the rim and the tire bead using a combination of water and dish soap. 

The next step is pushing the tire bead over one edge of the rim. For smaller tires, you can do this by hand. However, positioning the bead on the narrower portion of the rim is recommended for larger tires. 

After that, insert a pry tool 180 degrees opposite the bead to slip the Tire onto the rim. After mounting the first half of the tire bead onto the rim, use locking pliers to clamp down onto the rim edge. 

7. Seat the Bead and Inflate the Tire

Seating the bead onto the rim is almost the final step of tire installation. But you are still a step away. You can seat the tire bead in three different ways;

  1. Keep applying compressed air to the valve stem until you hear popping sounds twice.
  2. The bead won’t make contact with the rim in larger tires. Thus, you should create a loop using a rope and use it to pull the bead outward against the rim while continuously applying the compressed air to the valve stem.
  3. If you fail in both steps, apply a small starter fluid inside the rim while the Tire is roughly positioned. Light the starter fluid using a BBQ lighter and apply compressed air to the open valve stem. 

Finally, reinstall the valve core and proceed with inflating the Tire.

inflating the go kart tire


Changing go-kart tires may be easy for expert drivers but not beginner drivers. However, this step-by-step guide will help you easily navigate this tire-changing process. So don’t worry if you don’t know how to change a go-kart tyre; open this article and follow the guide’s steps.

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