Get Speed and Thrill at Karting Caracas in the Capital of Venezuela

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In Caracas, karting has now gained immense popularity among locals and tourists, providing a thrilling experience that combines skill, speed, and competition.

Karting is a type of motorsport that involves driving small, low-lying vehicles called go-karts on closed tracks. Caracas Karting offers a thrilling experience for speed lovers in the Venezuelan capital, with a secure and skillful racing environment.

The karting facilities in Caracas provide different kart choices for both beginners and professionals. So, if you are looking for a beginner-friendly option or high performance, each venue is available. This provides an opportunity for all age groups and experts to relish the karting excitement. Regardless of whether you are an experienced racer or a new sporter, Caracas karting ensures a distinctive and thrilling experience.

2 Best Racing Kart Tracks in Caracas

1. Foodkart Caracas

The Foodkart franchise, as the name shows, is a fusion of food and karting under one roof. It is a creative and exact location with top-notch gastronomy. Foodkart is in Venezuela and plans to expand its activities across South America. It offers a unique experience with speed and music to its guests. The Caracas location has two tracks; 

  • A single-level junior track
  • A single-level adult track with one multi-level turn.

2. La Limonera Gokarts

La Limonera GoKarts is one of the top adventure sports centres in Caracas that opens at 10:00. This is the best way to experience an exciting and thrilling time that breaks the monotony of daily city life. There are many other engaging activities, like food and snacks, making it the best place for both relaxation and birthday celebrations.

Advantages of Karting

  • Karting offers more than just the thrill of speed. 
  • This activity fosters friendly competition and improves focus, learning, and potency. 
  • Moreover, karting is best to boost racing skills and prepare for a motorsports career.


karting in Caracas is an exciting and thrilling activity that appeals to speed enthusiasts of all stages. With its top-notch facilities, best safety measures, and different karts for different skill levels, karting offers a fun and open motorsport adventure in the capital city of Venezuela.

Continue reading to learn more about the karting popularity in Caracas, and its advantages. Here, you will also get answers to some frequently asked questions.

Let’s know more about the karting in Caracas;


Is karting a safe activity in Caracas?

Engaging in karting activities in Caracas can be safe as long as it is practiced in recognized locations that properly installed safety measures, including helmets, clean and well-organized karting tracks, and experienced employees. 

Does Caracas offer karting venues for children?

Yes, there are many karting venues in Caracas operating for specific age groups. However, they may have age and height limitations. You need first to verify the particular venue.

Is prior experience required for karting in Caracas? 

No, prior experience is not required for karting in Caracas. Most karting venues offer training sessions for beginners to guide them on this racing journey.

What are Caracas karting charges? 

The charges of each karting venue vary based on the duration of the session and the type of kart. However, the karting support can inform best about each venue’s price.

Does Caracas host any professional karting competitions? 

Yes, Caracas has been a venue for multiple professional karting competitions. These events also provide the best racers a chance to show their karting skills on both national and international levels.

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