Youtuber Captures Carlos Sainz Using Feet for Karting Technique.

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A YouTube content creator has revealed a new karting technique that they discovered while observing Carlos Sainz. 

The YouTuber posted a video explaining the Spaniard’s technique of using his feet to increase speed while turning in karting.

Youtuber Captures Carlos Sainz Using Feet for Karting Technique

He said;

“If you want to move faster, you must use your feet. Otherwise, you will be slower.” To explain his point clearly, he referenced Sainz.

Below is the video quote;

Observe this Formula One driver’s technique as they expertly navigated a go-kart. As per my personal experience, this can be one of the best go karting tips for beginners.

He further said that the focus of our attention should be on steering. Check the extent to which the kart turns despite the steering wheel remaining mostly straight. This is because the driver uses their feet to rotate the kart. Moreover, applying the throttle can facilitate turning without using the steering wheel. This is what it looks like. Slow down.”

We know that the majority of Formula One drivers are experts in karting, as it is where many of them start their motorsport journeys. In the YouTuber’s referenced video, Sainz participated in an indoor karting competition. Despite starting last, he won the race. Sainz remains enthusiastic about karting and has even established his own business called “Carlos Sainz Karting” in this field.

He possesses two separate tracks in his birthplace of Madrid. As part of his enterprise, the Spaniard not only facilitates recreational racing for customers but also organizes events. Additionally, the 29-year-old offers karting courses to his clientele.

Sainz offers a four-hour course at a rate of $108 for non-members and $97 for members. It’s worth noting that there are other karting businesses owned by different people apart from the Ferrari driver.

McLaren driver Lando Norris owns LN Racing Kart, while Fernando Alonso’s karting business is called FA Alonso Kart. It’s common for F1 drivers to be popular due to their success on the race track, and opening a personal karting business is often viewed as a successful venture for them.

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