Percat Builds a Stronger Partnership with Alonso Through Karting

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This year, Percat is planning to expand his presence in karting through a distributor agreement with FA Kart. As part of this deal, the team will be running nine drivers across different classes.

JND has reached an agreement with Alonso’s management company, A14, and the best Spanish karting team, DPK Racing, to support in establishing a pathway for young and promising talent in Europe.

The alliance will offer guidance to parents and drivers regarding the relocation process abroad. Additionally, JND intends to recruit highly skilled European talent to compete in Australia.

According to Percat, the JND side is very exciting.

Our focus is to connect children with the right people in Europe and provide them with guidance to pursue their dreams of becoming a Supercar driver, IndyCar driver, or even an F1 driver. While karting is important, we believe in nurturing talent with the right support and guidance. This is a passion of ours and an integral part of our business.

Being able to connect with A14 and Fernando, along with their management team, is important for us. With this collaboration, we have acquired European associates who can provide guidance not only to children but also to parents on how to make the move effectively.

The DPK side is a renowned karting team and has won successive world championships. We have the chance to assist a driver in participating in top events, including the world championships. However, it can be challenging to secure a position in such a large team without the best support.

It is good to have access to this link. If we can devise a suitable program, we would be delighted to invite some of their renowned drivers to participate in a few rounds of the Australian Karting Championship. This would be an exceptional opportunity.

A14 emphasized the importance of reliable partners in recognizing young talent, as stated in their official statement.

The statement expressed the delight of collaborating with a respected team like JND Racing in the Australian championship. The team shares similar values, which made the collaboration even more exciting.

Our goal is to offer young Australian talents the chance to come to Europe with the support of DPK. This support is a guarantee of quality and is now a vital part of the A14 family, just like JND Racing will be from now on.

At A14, we are always looking for new talents. We need to have a partner who can monitor their progress in grassroots categories. This helps to provide accurate references not only in terms of their performance on the track but also with respect to their behavior.

Our company has discussed this aspect with Diego and Pablo Rodriguez of DPK in Europe so far. However, extending this initiative to Oceania marks a significant milestone in our company’s ongoing growth.

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