Indoor Go-Kart Racing Soon in Piccadilly Palace. In addition To E-Gaming, A Golf Simulator, And A Bar and Grill.

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Piccadilly Palace opened in June in Union as a skating rink with an arcade and cafe and is rapidly expanding its recreational offerings.

Piccadilly Palace is building a room for an interactive black-light mini-golf course. Another building is also under construction, with five golf simulators and a bar and grill. Thus, a virtual reality arena will be added within the skating rink building at 181 Audrey Lane.

However, the most significant project is an indoor go kart racing facility. The Union Board of Aldermen just approved this.

Indoor Go-Kart Racing Soon in Piccadilly Palace. In addition To E-Gaming, A Golf Simulator, And A Bar and Grill.

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According to Piccadilly Palace’s owner, Scott Schuh,

“Facility will be around 30,000 to 32,000 square feet in size. It will include go-kart tracks for both adults and children.”

He further said, 

The track design entails more than just a figure-8 or a circular shape. It is planned to be complex, with multiple curves, spirals, and hills that provide a bouncy ride. Hence, it is not a simple track design.

According to him, the track will be built indoors for year-round usage. In a jocular tone, he also added that he does not require a vacation.

Schuh mentioned that the final plans for the go-kart track may be ready by next week.

He said, 

The team aims to inaugurate the facility by June next year. They have already bought software to oversee the building and track management. Additionally, investments have been made to procure go-karts and construct the track, ensuring the project materializes.

The large track requires approval from the city to merge two tracts of land. The aldermen granted unanimous approval for the request in their meeting on Monday, December 11th.

Schuh clarified,

“We merged them into a single unit to facilitate the expansion of the building on both properties.”

Elliott Reed from Cochran Engineering informed the aldermen that merging the land tracts was necessary due to the expansion of the racing track plans.

“Will all of it be indoors?” asked Mayor Bob Schmuke. “Interesting,” he added.

Additionally, a designated space for e-gaming will enable teams to compete against other teams from different cities or countries.

Schuh commented, 

“It’s similar to Fortnite where all players can participate in a match and see the winner.”

The skating rink has two unoccupied rooms, and Mr. Schuh hasn’t yet decided how to use them. 

He suggested that the rooms could be transformed into party or conference/meeting rooms.

Mr. Schuh is also planning to build a trampoline park. He was inspired by a lady who expressed her interest in having one, given that it includes a zone where children with special requirements can enjoy themselves.

He replied, “I will think about it. 

If Washington feels excluded, Mr. Schuh is also launching a brand-new No. 1 Laundromat at 10 Highland Meadows and a Piccadilly Palace Arcade adjacent to it. 

He mentioned,

The project has been postponed due to internet problems; however, it is expected to open by the beginning of 2024.

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