R1 Indoor Karting Presents Its Latest Addition, A New Multi-Level Track 

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At R1 Indoor Karting, Jeff McIntosh, Patrick Kneeland, and Josh Fairchild – all from Milford, Massachusetts – race around the multi-level track on electric karts with impressive speed and agility.

At R1 Indoor Karting in Lincoln, there are two racing classes available using karts that can reach speeds of up to 35 mph for most people and up to 45 mph for those who can control the handle at this speed.

The go-karts stationed in the pit area are being recharged in preparation for the next group of drivers.

Josh Fairchild, a resident of Milford, Massachusetts, is seen racing down the backstretch of the recently renovated multi-level track.

At R1 Indoor Karting, drivers participate in seven-minute races, which generally allow for the completion of 5 to 6 laps, depending on their skill level. The track features 14 turns and is approximately one-third of a mile in length.

It is designed to support family and adult races with three levels of speed. The track can accommodate up to 18 racers at a time. The track has 14 intricate turns, a large glowing cityscape mural, and numerous color-changing LED lights.

The track construction was a collaborative effort between R1 Karting and 360 Karting, who provided manufacturing and assembly assistance. According to representatives from R1 Karting, the project spanned ten days and involved over 3,000 person-hours, making it a flagship venture for 360 Karting.

We are always trying to deliver a unique and enjoyable experience to our customers,” stated Mike Hezemans, the owner of R1 Indoor Karting.

R1 has been nominated as one of the top three finalists for the Best Family Entertainment Center and Location-Based Entertainment categories, alongside Hasbro City and Scene 75. The International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions will grant the Brass Ring Award to the winner, which symbolizes a significant accomplishment in the entertainment industry.

Hezemans expressed his excitement for being considered one of the top contenders for the title of the best family entertainment center in the country. He highlighted their newly modernized multi-level track, TimeMission, Dart City, axe bar, and arcade as some of their top-quality entertainment options for all category drivers.

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