Can You Ride Go Karts While Pregnant?

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Go-karting is an interesting activity for the go-kart enthusiasts. Even pregnant women also want to ride a go-kart. You may also be one of those and wonder, “Can you ride Go Karts While Pregnant?”. You and your unborn baby have several risks if you ride a go-kart. So, you should keep yourself away from the go-karts during your pregnancy.

Can You Ride Go-Karts While Pregnant?

Here, we will discuss why you should avoid go-karting, go to a doctor, and get medical advice before go-karting during pregnancy.

Dangers of Go-Karting During Pregnancy

Can you drive go-karts while pregnant? The short answer is no because several risks can be harmful to both you and the fetus. Moreover, the G-forces on the pregnant woman’s body may lead to miscarriage or premature labour.

Problems Of Riding Go-Karts While Pregnant

Riding a go-kart while pregnant may lead to many risks, like gestational hypertension, placenta previa and abruption, uterine rupture, restricted fetal growth, and umbilical cord accidents. All of the above problems seriously affect both the baby and the mother.

Factors That Affect The Risks Severity

If you want to know, “Can you ride go-karts when pregnant?” keep in mind these factors. When a pregnant woman rides the go-kart, several factors influence the risk, which can be the overall health and age of the mother, safety apparatus, etc. In the first three months of the pregnancy, a woman will be particularly at risk because of the critical fetal development. Older women and women with pre-existing medical conditions will be vulnerable if they ride a go-kart during their pregnancy.

Medical Advice For Go-Karting While Pregnant

It will be better for a woman to get medical advice before starting a physical activity during her pregnancy. Medical professionals will advise women to avoid go-karting because it can pose major risks to the unborn baby. However, gynecologists and obstetricians may guide the women about alternatives like yoga, walking, or swimming, and other low-impact sports.

More Safe Alternatives To Go-Karting During Pregnancy

Here are some safe alternatives for those who want to know the answer to the question, “Can you do go-karts while pregnant?”. Low-impact exercise, like swimming, can be a safe alternative for pregnant women. It will be helpful in reducing stress, building muscle strength, and maintaining cardiovascular health. Walking is another low-impact activity; you can do it wherever you want, and no particular equipment is needed.

Moreover, yoga is also helpful for improving balance, strength, and flexibility. In addition, other low-impact activities, like table tennis, bowling, golf, etc., can be safe alternatives to go-karting.

General Misconceptions About Go-Karting While Pregnant

You are worried and want to know, “Can I do go-karts while pregnant?”. You may have some misconceptions that we will discuss below.

  • Several people consider go-karting a low-risk sport, even though many risks are involved.
  • Moreover, they assume the unborn child will be safe in the womb while go-karting.
  • Last, several pregnant women believe that every pregnant woman is the same and that if something works for one, it will work for every woman, but that is not true.

Reasons Why A Pregnant Woman Should Stay Away From Go-Karting

If you are a go-karting enthusiast and want to know, “Can you get on go-karts while pregnant?” See 15 reasons why a pregnant woman should evade go-karting.

  1. It is a high-impact sport that poses a high risk to the fetus’ physical growth.
  2. Because of go-karting, vibrations and shocks may cause premature labour, which can lead to serious complications.
  3. The go-karting may have serious impacts on a pregnant woman, especially in the first three months. It may increase the chance of miscarriage.
  4. It may also lead to placenta previa as it may detach the placenta from the uterine wall.
  5. The uterus can be ruptured because of the severe impacts of go-karting, which may result in bleeding and is dangerous for both the baby’s and the mother’s life.
  6. Because of go-karting, the umbilical cord can be compressed, which may deprive the baby of essential nutrients and oxygen.
  7. Because of the manoeuvring and high speeds, the go-karting may cause collisions or falls, which can seriously affect both the mother and baby.
  8. The go-karts effuse exhaust fumes, which is dangerous for the fetus.
  9. Go-karting will increase the mother’s body temperature, which may cause overheating and dehydration for the fetus. It may have severe effects on both mother and fetus.
  10. Due to go-karting, there can be serious health complications as it may put physical stress on the body of pregnant women.
  11. For go-karting, one must use the appropriate safety equipment like seat belts and helmets. However, the safety equipment will not fit a pregnant woman appropriately and may cause injury.
  12. It may cause to enhance the blood pressure and heart rate, which can be harmful to the fetus and mother.
  13. The go-karting can exert physical strain on the body, which can be dangerous for pregnant women as it may cause endangering or complications for the fetus.
  14. Go-karting may cause abdominal trauma that is quite dangerous for the child.
  15. The amniotic sac can be damaged due to go-karting, which will endanger the fetus.

Frequently Asked Questions

One who asks, “Can you go-kart while pregnant?” may also want to know some general questions about riding a go-kart during pregnancy; some are given below.

What can be the major risks for a pregnant woman of go-karting?

The main risks of go-karting during pregnancy consist of:

  • The unborn baby can have physical injuries
  • Chances of collisions and falls
  • Possible effects of G-forces on the pregnant woman’s body

Does the go-karting affect the baby’s growth during the pregnancy?

Yes, go-karting affects the baby’s growth during the pregnancy. It may cause several complications, such as placenta previa, fetal growth restriction, etc.

Can you race go-karts while pregnant by taking some precautionary measures?

No, any precautionary measure can’t make a pregnant woman safe. She must avoid go-karting.


In this article, we tried to answer your question, “Can I drive go-karts while pregnant?”. A pregnant woman must evade go-karting because there can be high risks. We briefly described all the major possible consequences that one may suffer. The mother and the unborn baby can have severe effects on their health. So, ask a medical professional, “Can you ride go-karts while pregnant?” and get his advice.

There are many alternatives to go-karting (discussed above) that are not harmful to the mother and the fetus during the pregnancy. So take care of yourself and your baby, and avoid go-karting during the pregnancy. Good Luck!

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