Go-kart Horsepower – All You Need To Know

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Go-karting is an engaging and exciting activity for everyone. You may face some problems whether making the kart for the kids or high go kart horsepower for the adults. The horsepower affects the handling, acceleration, and speed of the go-kart.

Go-kart engine horsepower varies depending on the indoor/outdoor model, kart size, and age of the rider. Generally, the average go-kart speed is 50-80 km/h, having 4 to 16 horsepower. Make sure you know the horsepower limitation of the go-kart track before installation so that your tires can be safe from burning. This article will discuss all the significant factors of the go-kart horsepower.

Best Horsepower For Indoor Go-Karts

If you want to participate in indoor go-kart track races, keep in mind all indoor go-kart tracks have different requirements and horsepower recommendations, particularly since they are smaller than outdoor tracks. Before selecting an indoor racing go-kart horsepower, it would be best if you contact the management team. Go-kart’sGo-kart’s horsepower is a key factor to take care of.

Here is how you can select an indoor go-kart’s horsepower.

Indoor go-karts should be 5 to 13 HP.

Several go-kart tracks recommend having an average go-kart horsepower between 5 to 13. You will need to take into consideration your driving speed, number of turns, etc. Beginners should select low-horsepower go-karts because a beginner will not be an expert in high speed and acceleration.

You may think, “Is 5 hp enough for a go-kart?” The five-horsepower is good for a lightweight go-kart. And for a go-kart, 13 horsepower should be the maximum for indoor tracks. You may also want to know, what is the speed of a 9 HP go-kart? 9HP go-kart top speed is 70 km/h.

Go-karts with low HP can be a better option.

Why is a low HP engine better than a high HP model? Due to several reasons, a go-kart with a horsepower of 5-8 can be the best choice. For instance, you can easily handle a low-horsepower go-kart, and they have a tighter running radius. Moreover, there is also less chance of burnout or skidding when the race gets started.

Go kart weight

If you have a heavier go-kart, you should have a higher HP. You should consider 10-13 HP for a heavy go-kart for participating in indoor racing. It is not quite difficult to select the horsepower for indoor track. A steady movement can win the race, no matter if it is slow. If the track has many turns, there is a high chance that you will be ahead in the race. But, there is a different story for outdoor tracks, which is also discussed below.

Best Horsepower For Outdoor Go-Karts

When racing outdoors, there is a wide range of horsepower. Different factors like turning radius, width, terrain, and size of the track can affect your decision. Moreover, you should also consider the go-kart width and tires; it will have an impact on how easily a vehicle can be turned immediately.

Below are the factors you should consider while selecting HP for an outdoor go-kart:

  • You should contact your desired track before selecting the horsepower. It is not easy to create a best go-kart and then change it on race day, and nobody will want to do it. Most tracks list the limitations of the horsepower. And make sure you have crossed out everything not included in their list.
  • Most outdoor tracks suggest having horsepower between 4 and 16. This is a wide range compared to the indoor tracks because far more factors are involved. If the track is hilly with mud, you may select the higher HP to climb the elevation, ripping the dirt.
  • There are also some go-karts that exceed 22 HP. The go-karts with a horsepower of 22 are inspiring because it is the fastest go-kart horsepower. These are high-power go-kart engines and are not allowed on several tracks.
  • You can create two go-karts or switch the engines for different tracks. If you get stuck with the outdoor and indoor tracks, you can have multiple engines. Switching the engines may not be easy, so you can create another go-kart. Both the options can have challenges, but this is not new for the hobbyists.
  • The terrain affects the HP, acceleration, and speed of a go-kart. Almost everything, like asphalt, elevation changes, weather patterns, and mud, will change how the go-kart operates. Higher horsepower models are capable of handling mud, hills, etc. And for smooth tracks, having low-horsepower go-karts will be best because they will not skid much.

While it is not easy to pinpoint the best HP, these tips will keep you with the latest suggestions. It will be best if you test your go-kart at a local track.

Why shouldn’t we max the go-kart’s horsepower?

It may be tempting if you select the powerful model with the bulkiest setup, largest tires, and biggest engine. But, there are also many downsides of the highest horsepower engines. They have several benefits for some tracks, but considering the disadvantages of modernized engines is also good.

Below are some factors you should consider before upgrading the go-kart’s engine:

  • The tires of the go-kart may burn because of the high HP. The acceleration and speed are too much for the go-kart tires, causing them to spin in place and tear apart.
  • With a high horsepower, turning will also be difficult. Probably, you have faced this issue while driving a car. A quick turn is almost impossible because the momentum will pull the go-kart far out of the turn point. Instead of keeping up with the pack, you end up drifting.
  • Due to some reasons, several tracks don’t allow high horsepower go-karts. You must keep in mind the maximum allowed local go-kart’s track recommendations, and make sure you don’t go above that; otherwise, it may waste your energy, money, and time.
  • The go-karts can’t handle the highest speed and acceleration. They are smaller compared to the SUVs, trucks, cars, etc. A 5-horsepower go-kart may seem silly, but it will surprise you with its power, even being a lightweight vehicle.

High-horsepower go-kart engines are often great fun. If you are not on the go-kart track and want to enjoy off-roading, higher horsepower can be the best option if the tires are not stripped.


This article discussed almost all the significant factors about go-kart Horsepower you need to consider. We also described what is the best HP for indoor and outdoor karts. According to my suggestion, you should get a go-kart engine with a low HP. It is easy to turn and control throughout the race. In addition, electric go-kart horsepower has a maximum speed compared to gas go-karts. Go ahead and choose the best motor for go-kart that is the most appropriate one for you. Good Luck!

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