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Michael Neilson, a dedicated go-karting enthusiast boasting 18 years of hands-on experience dominating the racing circuits in Orlando. Not just a champion on the asphalt, Neilson is also a passionate writer, generously sharing his insights through heartfelt articles. With a commitment to fostering camaraderie among fellow racers and welcoming newcomers into the thrilling world of go-karting, he extends a helping hand to all who share his love for the track.


Borrows Alicia

Borrows Alicia, An experienced go-karting pro with 16 years under her belt, Borrows Alicia made her mark as a respected coach at a Florida karting academy back in 2012. Her love for the sport goes beyond the track, as she wholeheartedly commits to helping enthusiasts and budding racers through thoughtful articles, generously sharing the wealth of knowledge she’s gathered throughout her journey.

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