Are Go Karts Street Legal? Read The Steps To Make It legal

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The go-karts are little vehicles that are on the tracks. Generally, they act as a stepping stone for those wanting a professional racing career. People want to use go-karts in order to run errands as they are agile and easy to commute in. However, are go-karts street legal in Canada, Australia, and the USA? This article will discuss the rules of different countries and states and how to make a go-kart street legal. The people are confused, and they don’t know whether it is legal or not. If you are also one of them, stay tuned to know where it is legal to use go-karts.

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For a one-word answer, it’s a no, but if you ask me specifically, it is a no-go-karting in the United States because other than the US, in most parts of the world, it is legal, but not in many. Now talking about it in detail, you can still make it legal, but usually, people don’t go for it since it requires a long, equally tiring procedure. On top of that, people avoid it because it is different in different areas of the US. 

Go-Karts Classification 

Talking about the classification, you might be thinking of one or two, but no, it has four classifications that include: 

  • Low-speed vehicles (LSV) 
  • Off-road vehicles (ORV) 
  • Utility vehicles (UTV) 
  • Off-highway vehicle (OHV) 

These are not permitted for street or road karting, but others are. So, it depends on the rules and the regulations of the area you live in. 

Are go-karts street legal in the USA?

No, to be honest and straightforward, go-karting isn’t legal on the streets, mainly in the United States, but if you ask me about the possibility in other countries, yes, it is in most countries. But here, if you enquire about any solution to drive your go-kart in the streets of the US, so yes, you can, as it only requires you to register as a Highway vehicle. Now, it can be done in the states that include a few names, such as Arizona, California, etc. 

Can a go-kart be made street-legal? 

Yes. A go-kart can easily be made street-legal. Obtaining registration and making some modifications to it to comply with state regulations will allow you to make one street legal. Some crucial safety elements included in these modifications include  

  • Mirrors
  • Seatbelts 
  • Speedometer 
  • Flashing Lights 
  • Horn Windshield Exhaust  

You might also need to take your automobile for a speed test and clear it to make it road-ready after all these modifications. But drive your go-kart within all posted traffic laws and speed limits. One most important thing is to keep in mind that a road is not a track.  

Steps to make your go-kart Street Legal

To make your go-kart street legal, you need to stick to these (not so) simple instructions. It may take much time and effort, but it is worthwhile.  

  1. Making a vehicle safe is the first stage in converting it into a street-legal vehicle. Give it the safety equipment it needs, just like a regular car. Some examples are a seat belt, mirrors, lighting, a horn, an exhaust, etc. These are available online or at your local auto parts store. Don’t forget to check the local scrap yard for parts and to save money.   
  2. Take your vehicle for an inspection after making the required adjustments. Your go-kart will be tested by an examiner chosen by your local DMV, who will approve it if it passes. In this step, you need to ensure that your vehicle is all set and tested for all the parts. 
  3. The speed test follows the inspection when your go-kart must maintain a minimum speed to meet the LSV requirements. For that, you better make sure you don’t go faster than 25 mph.
  4. The following action is registering your go-kart. Here, you must accomplish these three steps: 
  • Purchase of insurance
  • Requesting the position 
  • Registration 

You can move forward after completing these steps. Moreover, you must observe your area’s traffic regulations and speed limits and drive safely.

Where Can I Drive My Go Kart Legally?

You can drive your go-kart in several places legally. However, there are some restrictions, but modifying the go-kart according to the legal street standards will open many doors for you. There are different rules in different countries and states for driving a go-kart. For example, you may think about are go karts street legal in Ontario or other provinces of Canada and different states of the USA, like Texas, California, etc. These countries and states have various go-kart regulations; some are discussed below.

Are go-karts street legal in Texas?

For low-speed vehicles, Texas state follows the federal definition and requirements. You have to make sure that you have a valid driving license and that the go-kart meets all low-speed vehicle requirements. Moreover, the off-road go-karts qualify as UTV (utility vehicles) or ROV (recreational off-highway vehicles) in Texas. If you want to drive your go-kart on public land, make sure you have functional head and tail lights, a muffler, a braking system, and a spark arrestor. In addition, if you want to drive go-karts on public roads, you can apply for an off-highway vehicle license plate. Here, you can drive it at a speed of 35 mph maximum.

Are go-karts street legal in California?

It depends on the go-kart type to register it as an LSV (low-speed vehicle). In California, make sure your LSV meets particular specifications and equipment, has four wheels, and is less than 3000 lbs. And you will only be allowed to drive on public streets where the maximum speed limit is 35 mph. Moreover, in California, off-road go-karts are considered under the OHV (off-highway vehicle). You necessarily have to register your off-highway vehicles, and then you will get a red or green sticker. Now you can drive a go-kart on unpaved roads and public lands, depending on every county. You can also make your go-kart street and highway legal if it meets additional requirements.

Are go-karts street legal in Illinois?

In the Illinois state, some go-karts are classified as LSVs. You can legally drive these go-karts on the road at 30 mph maximum. However, you will need to fulfill some requirements. Give a title to your go-kart, meet the safety requirements, and register it with the office of the secretary of state.

In Illinois state, you should register and give a title to your off-road go-karts. You can freely drive on private property. However, in order to drive on public roads, you will need a decal. Off-road go-karts are not allowed on public streets.

Are go-karts street legal in Florida?

According to Florida’s law for LSVs, they necessarily have four wheels. Moreover, they must be electrically powered and have a 20 to 25 mph speed. You should check with the local DMV to see if your go-kart falls under this category.

Are go-karts street legal in Michigan?

In Michigan state, the regular LSV (low-speed vehicle) laws apply. If your go-kart fulfills all the requirements, then you can apply. Most electric go-karts will qualify because of their speed limitation (20 to 25 mph).

Are go-karts streets legal in Australia?

There are different karting rules in Australia depending on the territory or state. However, below are some general rules that apply throughout the country;

  • The drivers should be seven years old as a minimum (the age limit can be higher in some territories or states).
  • They must have the proper safety equipment.
  • The cart should meet some specifications, like engine size limit and weight.
  • The drivers must drive safely and courteously and must follow the safety regulations.

You can also contact your local government body to know more about the karting rules in your area.


The rules and regulations for go-karts vary in different countries and states. We tried to let you know about regulations in some states of the USA so that you can enjoy go-karts in the streets. So, move ahead and get your go-karts out in the streets and enjoy your time. 

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