How Fast Do Go Karts Go – Classes And Categories Explained

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Everybody knows that speed is a significant factor in motorsports and racing. The top speed will vary according to the different disciplines. In this article, we will describe the speed of go-karts. You may be thinking, “How fast do go-karts go.”

Generally, the maximum speed of the go-karts is 80 to 129 km/h (50 to 80 mph). However, some go-karts come with the speed up to 225 km/h (140 mph). Several factors impact the maximum speed of go-karts, such as aerodynamics, engine size, and weight of the kart.

This guide will explain all factors that affect the speed with respect to the classes and categories of the go-kart. First, have a look at the classes and categories of the go-karts.

Classes And Categories

There are eight categories of go-karts throughout the world. The significant differences are the engine used and the age groups allowed to participate. Some classes are different from others because of their brand. In addition, the drivers should also meet some particular weight limits.

Every class uses different engines and permits specific age group participants to participate. Maybe all of you are not well aware of the categories and may be confused when deciding to have your child participate in any category. No worries, we will discuss all these categories below. 

Bambino Class

While the majority of the F1 drivers started their careers in this category, it is the starting point of the karting career of all the children. This class makes use of the 50cc two-stroke engines. Their maximum speed is 30 mph to ensure the safety of drivers between the ages of 5 to 8 years.

Cadet Class

The cadet class is for the age group 7 to 12 years. It has further two categories, Micro and Mini, for ages 7 to 9 and 9 to 12 years, respectively. This category uses 60cc engines, which is odd in a comparison of the high-speed difference amongst the cadets and bambinos, as it is approximately double speed. It is because the Bambinos use 50cc engines with a speed limiter.

Junior Class

In the junior category, the kid drivers turn into the pro drivers. This class is for the ages 12 to 15 years and uses 100cc two-stroke engines. These engines are durable and too fast.

Lo206 Class

Probably a mix of karting and NASCAR, Lo206 is further subcategorized into two classes described above, along with the Masters and Seniors. The Lo206 class uses a 4-stroke engine, which is why its maximum speed is less than several other categories.

125cc TaG Class

This class has long been popular and competitive. This category uses 125cc engines. Moreover, it is powerful and lightweight. It has some sub-classes; however, the minimum age is 12 years to participate in the 125cc TaG race. This will be the best class for you to start your motorsports career.

125cc Shifter Class

This category is not for you if you are a beginner. Moreover, it will also be best for amateur drivers to stick to the TaG category. You will be capable of participating in the Shifter class races if your age is 15 years. However, don’t forget that the shifter karts are beasts on the track. 125cc go-kart top speed can be 70 to 80 mph.

Masters Class

To join this class, you will need to be 32 years old at a minimum. It has two further sub-categories for the heavier and lighter drivers. This class uses the 150cc engines. There is no other class that uses this engine. You may be thinking, “How fast is 150cc go-kart?”. The maximum speed of a 150cc go-kart is 60 to 90 km/h.

250cc Superkart Class

This class is the rascals of the go-karting world. Too much experience is required to join this class, and even then, there will be a beast of 250cc two-stroke behind your head. The majority of the drivers participating in these races are motorsport enthusiast racers, so the competition is really high. The 250cc go-kart top speed is 150 mph, and I think it is the fastest go-kart top speed. In addition, if you are wondering how fast do indoor go-karts go, the simple answer is about 50 mph.

Go Kart Speed (Electric vs. Gas Go Kart)

There is much discussion about what go-kart type has a fast speed. Several people believe that speed refers to the high top speed; however, others think acceleration is more significant for speed.

Compared to gas go-karts, electric go-karts can reach their highest speed quickly. But, generally, in a drag race, a 50/60cc go-kart can beat the electric go-kart.

Actually, the go-kart speed significantly depends on the track type where the race is held. Looking at just the go-kart specs, you will not be able to clearly know how it will perform on different tracks.

The gas go-karts have a top speed of 140 miles per hour (super karts). On the other hand, the electric go-kart top speed is 60 miles per hour (Sodi RSX).

AspectElectric Go-KartGas Go-Kart
Top Speed45-50 mph (approx.)50-70 mph (approx.)
AccelerationQuicker initial accelerationSlower initial acceleration but higher top-end speed
Speed ConsistencyConsistent speeds due to electronic speed controlSpeed can vary due to mechanical inconsistencies
Speed AdjustmentEasily adjustable with electronic settingsSlower initial acceleration but higher top end speed
Environmental ImpactZero emissionsEmissions from fuel combustion
Noise LevelQuietNoisy due to the internal combustion engine
WeightGenerally heavier due to batteriesGenerally lighter as it doesn’t carry batteries
MaintenanceLess frequent; mainly electrical componentsMore frequent; involves engine, exhaust, and fuel system
Fuel/Energy SourceElectric batteryGasoline
Refueling/RechargingTakes time to recharge; usually 1-2 hoursRefuelling/Recharging
Run TimeLimited by battery capacity; usually 20-30 minutesIt may require mechanical changes for speed adjustments
Performance in WeatherCan be affected by extreme temperaturesGenerally less affected by weather conditions
Initial CostGenerally higherGenerally lower

Please note that the specifics can vary depending on the make and model of the go-kart, so these are approximate guidelines.

General Information About How Fast Do Go Karts Go

Different engine powers provide you with speeds and expenses and need different experience levels. For example, you may think, “How fast is a 212cc go-kart”. The maximum speed of the engines of Predator 212 is 25 to 35 mph. Moreover, the 400cc go-kartkart’s top speed is 90 to 95 km/h.


The karting is certainly all about the speed. In spite of various go-kart tracks and karting categories, the top speed matters the most if you are looking to be fast. In this guide, we discussed all the major factors that can affect speed and answered several common questions like if you want to know how fast do go karts go at k1 speed. The answer is about 45 miles per hour. So we hope this guide will help you to understand what to look for if you want to get the highest speed. Our suggestion is that you should try electric karts, no matter if they are slow compared to the gas go-karts. Good Luck!

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