How To Install A Clutch On 212 Predator – Easy Steps

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Installing a clutch on your 212 Predator is not as difficult as it seems to be. If you
are facing any difficulty in the installation process, then this piece of information will let you solve
your problems regarding your go-kart project. This article, which discusses “how to install a clutch on 212 Predator” both with and without set screw clutches, will let you go through the entire process of installation.

You can learn how to install a clutch on your 212predator more easily by following the
the step-by-step guide provided in this article.

The following 5-step formula will enable you to install, uninstall, and reinstall the clutch on your go-kart.

  • Apply lubricants to the bushing of the clutch
  • Insert washer on the crankshaft
  • Place the clutch into the crankshaft
  • Tightening the bolt
  • Aligning front and rear sprockets

Tools required to install the clutch:

i) Flat-headed screwdriver
ii) Wrench
iii) Setscrew (if not provided with the clutch)
iv) Allen key for a setscrew
v) Washer or spacer
vi) Plier for removing the snap ring

Let’s go through the step-by-step installation process of the clutch

Step 1: Lubricate the bushing of the clutch

This step is very significant as applying oil or grease to the bush enhances the
performance of the clutch by improving its sliding quality and preventing corrosion. This step will
necessitate you to first disassemble the clutch in the following way.

i) Removing the snap ring with the snap ring plier:
By doing so, you will be able to remove the drum of the clutch.

ii) Applying one finger of grease or 3-4 drops of oil to the bushing:
After pulling the drum off the clutch, lubricating the bushing will be pretty much easy. The amount of lubricant should be applied in the recommended amount; otherwise, the excess amount of oil or grease will flow through the drum or shoes of the clutch, which is undesirable.

iii) Reassemble the clutch:
During this step, you should ensure that the washer, which was disassembled during the lubrication process, between the drum and the spider is put back on. Failing to do so, the clutch will make noises.

Step 2: Insert the washer or spacer on the crankshaft:

Sometimes, there remains a space between the clutch and the engine after placing the
clutch on the crankshaft. Therefore, it is recommended to install a spacer or a few 3/4″ washers
before the clutch is placed on the crankshaft to fill the gap.

Step 3: Placing the clutch onto the crankshaft:

i) Clutch without set screw:
This step requires due diligence while putting the clutch on the shaft. You need to align the slot on the crankshaft with the key on the clutch in a perfect way. Once it is aligned, you can push the clutch all the way through.

ii) Clutch with set screw:
In case you have bought a clutch with a set screw, then you have to tighten the set screw in the set screw slot, which is located at the back of the clutch. This will tighten and fix the go-kart clutch on the crankshaft. You will have to do this before tightening the bolt.

Remember, if you have bought a clutch without a key, then you have to buy one in case your go-kart engine’s crankshaft doesn’t have a preinstalled keyway.

Step 4: Tighten the bolt and washer:

This step is the easiest one throughout the installation process. You have to slot the bolt in the opening of the shaft facing you. Now, you have to secure it with a wrench. You will also need to use a flat-headed screwdriver to keep the engine from moving while tightening the bolt.

Step 5: Align the front and rear sprockets:

Aligning the front and rear sprockets of the go-kart is a vital step in the clutch installation process. After installing the clutch successfully, it is highly probable that the front and
rear sprockets of your go-kart will be non-aligned with each other.

  • Harms of non-aligned sprockets:
  • Falling off of the drive chain
  • Snapping of chain
  • Potential damage to go-kart engine, sprockets, and chain
  • Dangerous to drivers and those in the immediate surroundings

Thus, it is highly recommended that you align the front and rear sprockets before you drive your go-kart in order to avoid any unforeseen tragedy.

How to align the front and rear sprockets:

There are multiple methods to align the sprockets, like using a long metal rod or certain alignment tools, but the easiest one in our case is loosening the rear sprocket on the axle and then connecting the drive chain to both the front and rear sprockets.

Now you need to simply move the go-kart back and forth or turn the wheels in case your go-kart is not on the ground, and you will get the sprockets automatically aligned.

Precaution: make sure that you properly tighten the rear sprocket back on the axle.

Effects of applying excess oil:

If you apply more than the recommended oil on the clutch, it will get on the drum and in the shoes of the clutch. As a result, you will face the following negative impacts.

i) The shoe of the clutch will slip frequently. This slippage will heat up the clutch. This
phenomenon of extreme heating up will ruin the clutch and render it useless.

ii) When you apply the oil in excess, it will get on the drum and thus will prevent the letting out of heated air through the holes of the clutch’s drum.

How to maintain the clutch for a longer time period and enhance its performance?

i) Lubricating the clutch after every 2-3 rides or sooner.
ii) You must oil the clutch after use when it is hot so that the clutch soaks oil easily.
iii) Observe much caution regarding the amount of oil applied. Only 2-3 drops are the perfect amount.
iv) You must be careful that your foot is off the kart’s brake while driving
v) Driving your go-kart at a very slow speed also ruins the clutch.

Final Words

To conclude, installing a clutch on Predator 212 is as simple as you want it to be. However, certain steps listed in this article must be followed. Moreover, Ignoring the faults and dysfunctionality in the clutch will take a heavy toll on your go-kart, sometimes damaging the engine. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly oversee and oil the clutch so that it functions smoothly.


Can you install the clutch so that the sprocket is inwards?

Answer: Yes, but you need to align it correctly with the sprocket

Can you change the clutch on a used engine?

Answer: Yes, you can change, but first, you have to clean the burrs on the crankshaft with the help of sandpaper and apply an anti-seize.

How to choose the perfect clutch size?

Answer: In order to ensure that the size of the clutch is compatible with your go-kart engine, the following things should be kept in mind.

i) Bore size: For the Predator 212 Engine, the 3/4” bore clutch will be perfect in size.
ii) Number of teeth of the sprockets: You must keep the Gear ratio at 1:6 if your tire size is around 13”.
iii) Distance between the teeth of the sprockets: It depends upon the chain you use. For a #35 chain, the distance between the teeth must be 3/8”. Similarly, for #40, #41, and #420, a distance of 1/5” between the teeth of the sprocket is recommended.

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