K1 Speed Announces Indoor Electric Go Kart Venue in Rogers.

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Arkansas – a landlocked state in the US, is well known for its beautiful landscapes and exciting outdoor adventures. It is also the main center of thrilling indoor karting called K1 speed, which has been trending nowadays. K1 Speed is popular for its continuously updated amenities and services to provide a memorable karting experience for every guest. 

K1 Speed Announces Indoor Electric Go Kart Venue in Rogers

It hosts special events and racing competitions like leagues, corporate outings, and birthday parties in 75+ locations worldwide, while there are over 5 in Arkansas. Fans love them because of their continuously developed electric karts, focusing more and more on providing fast speed and responsiveness. Now it has recently opened one of the main venues in Roger city.

This news will also discuss the latest K1 Speed karting in Arkansas, US, in Rogers. Here, you can see the details about this exciting track, the participation criteria, ticket prices, where to buy them, how long this track is, etc. 

New K1 Speed Karting in Arkansas Rogers, US – Latest Updates

  • The Track

The remarkable characteristic of K1 Speed Arkansas is the electric go-karts and majestic indoor track that is challenging for both beginners and experienced racers. It has narrow turns, sharp corners, and action-packed straightaways. While perfectly balancing the skills and speed, it ensures every lap tests your racing skills.

Besides challenges, the track has a fair combination of advanced security features to provide a secure environment. The K1 management team will provide helmets and racing kits to racers. The staff also decently behave and ensure the implementation of safety rules. 

  • Who Can Participate?

All skill-level racers can participate, which is best for families, friends, corporate groups, and racing lovers. Whether you are a beginner or a pro racer, it has a fair place for you. 

However, juniors and adults cannot race together; juniors of six years old can race on the junior track. In contrast, adults have more competitive tracks. Moreover, junior karts are smaller, more secure, and slower than adults. 

The leaderboards on the venue will display the best timings of competitive tournaments. In these competitions, eight or more racer groups can participate. Solo racers can compete against other racers in a timed race. 

  • Ticket Information

You can easily buy tickets for K1 Speed Karting in Arkansas online at centralarkansasracing. Early booking is better than trying on busy days. The basic prices start from $20 and can reach $50 per race. 

  • Track Miles

The Rogers Arkansas kart track is approximately 0.25 miles long. Each K1 kart race typically lasts 7-10 minutes. And its electric adult go-karts can cover up to 45 miles per hour.


If you are looking for an exhilarating racing experience, K1 Speed Karting in Arkansas, US, is a must-visit place. With a cutting-edge track, multiple racing options for all levels, and continuous advancements and new event additions, K1 is quickly becoming a go-to destination for karting fans in the area. Whether you are looking for a fun outing with loved ones, hoping to refine your racing abilities, or looking to celebrate your birthday party, K1 Speed in Rogers has something special for everyone. So, ready your engines and head to it for an unforgettable karting experience!

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