How Much Is A Go Kart – Prices Overview [A Complete Guide]

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Undoubtedly, go-karting is an exciting activity, as well as adventurous. However, the lover of these cars should decide whether to drive it for one day or pursue it as a hobby. Each option offers a different price point, so you must consider it first, especially if you are on a tight budget. 

Go-karting is not as expensive as we generally consider, but it still can cost thousands of dollars each season. Generally, it will cost $1K as a minimum and $10K as a maximum. A club-level season will cost about $3000 to $5000. However, the national and regional championships will cost more than $30,000 to $40,000. 

How Much Is A Go Kart - Prices Overview [A Complete Guide]

This article will help you learn about the go-karting prices from basic to advanced level, including its different parts and classes. So, you can analyze your budget before investing whether you will buy a kid, off-road, or racing go-kart.

Go-Kart Parts – Price Breakdown

go kart parts

Here is a complete list of go kart parts;

  • Engine
  • Chassis
  • Speedometer
  • Tires
  • Transport

Below are the price ranges for these go-kart parts:

PartsPrice Range
Engine$200 to $4000
Chassis$1500 to $6000
Speedometer$250 to $1000
Tires$200 per set

Here is a highlighted note on the prices of different go-kart parts.

  • Engine
go kart engine

Your go-kart’s engine is its most important component. Which category you race in will depend on the engine type you select. For instance, you will compete against other racers with the same engine type if they use a cheap 4-stroke engine. Thus, how much is a go kart engine?

Most 4-stroke engines are reasonably priced, running under $1000. Although they can be a little more expensive, Honda engines are very strong and should last you for many years. They are reliable, quality-built, and are versatile (used equally for racing and off-road). Predator and DuroMax engines, on the other hand, cost less than $400 and are excellent starter engines.

Additionally, the costs for 2-stroke engines start at $ 1,000 and can reach $5,000 in some cases. Meanwhile, instead of purchasing a new 2-stroke engine, it is less expensive to choose a used model and invest a few hundred dollars on a rebuild.

  • Chassis
go kart chassis

The most expensive component of a go-kart is the chassis. The chassis controls the go-kart’s aerodynamics and keeps you safe from collisions while the engine propels the vehicle during races and on the road.

You can purchase an inexpensive adult kart chassis for about $1500 (kids at low range). However, the only factors that affect its price are age, brand, and engine size. A brand-new DD2 Tony Kart one, which can cost up to $6000, will be far more expensive than one for a 4-stroke kart from an unidentified manufacturer.

You must be extremely cautious when purchasing a used chassis. Also, you won’t be competitive if it’s flimsy or feels mushy. Furthermore, a vehicle is essentially unusable if it has been raced for more than four years. This is because you’ll move much more slowly than your opponents. After all, it’ll be difficult to adjust it because of its wear.

  • Speedometer
go kart Speedometer

A go-kart speedometer is unnecessary, but it is best if you have one and it doesn’t cost too much. An average data logger or speedometer may charge up to $500. It is quite cheap in comparison to other go-kart parts. A speedometer can keep track of the temperature of several parts like water, exhaust, and engine. Moreover, with a speedometer, you can see the lap time, RPM, and speed of the go-kart.

  • Tires
go kart tires

A go-kart will be useless if you don’t have good tires, even if you are a professional go-kart racer. When you go for a race, whether it is a national, regional, or club-level race, you will need good quality tires. You may have to spend about $200 for the new tires. Initially, this is an inexpensive purchase, but remember you have to change the tires after every race. 

You may require different tires for each session, especially when participating in tough competitions, races, or engaging in kart drifting. However, it will not go the same every time. Several drivers choose the used tires for practice, particularly at a club level, and use the new tires for the race. And those who are karting just for fun can use the same set of tires for many sessions.

Furthermore, choosing the right go-kart tire sizes is also crucial for optimal performance. Racers often switch tires per session to adapt to varying track conditions, enhancing overall performance and longevity.

  • Transport
go kart transport

You must transport the go-kart to the track when you race in the national or regional leagues. Several drivers transport their karts on trailers or RVs, while some transport to the track on the car’s top. However, it can be quite difficult to lift the go-karts alone. You can transport your go-karts on a van/pickup truck. It will be best to have your own van/pickup truck; otherwise, you may have to pay about $10,000 for the go-kart transportation safely. 

If you dismantle your go-kart, it can fit in the car’s trunk. And if you are going for a club racing, you can park the go-kart on the track and simply pay a parking fee, which may be $500 as a maximum.

List of Top 8 Classes of Go-Karts

  1. Kid Kart or Baby Kart
  2. Cadet kart
  3. Junior Kart
  4. Lo206 Kart
  5. 125cc Tag Kart
  6. Shifter 125cc Kart
  7. Shifter 125cc Kart

Comparison Table

Kart ClassAge GroupEngineTop Speed
Kid Kart or Baby Kart5-7 years50cc 2-stroke engineAbout 30 mph
Cadet kartMicro (ages 7 to 9)Mini (ages 9 – 12)60cc 2-stroke engineUp to 50-60 mph
Junior Kart12-15 years100cc 2-stroke engine60-70 mph
Lo206 KartJunior & cadet4-stroke Briggs and Stratton engine60 to 70 mph
125cc Tag Kart12-15 and above125cc 2-stroke engine70-80 mph
Shifter 125cc Kart15 years and above125cc engine80-115 mph
Masters Kart32 years and above150cc engine40-70 mph
250cc Superkart12-14 yearsno-gearbox 125 cc water-cooled two-stroke enginesUp to 140mph

We will head to its different classes after highlighting the price ranges of go-kart parts. Remember that the prices may vary according to the class/group you choose. So, you must carefully consider your age and skill before seeking a karting offer. Let’s look at this list that we split by age and engine brand. 

1. Kid Kart or Baby Kart 

This class is preferable for the youngest drivers of the 5-7 age group. The kart empowers a restricted 50cc 2-stroke engine. Here, the kart’s maximum speed is approximately 30 mph due to the safety measures. Generally, you can find the Comer C51 series, Honda GX35 or GXH50 series, and Rotax engines in the kid-kart category.

2. Cadet Racing Class

This class, called TaG (Touch and Go), falls for 7-12-year-old kids. It uses a 60cc 2-stroke engine and is the next level for kids with little grip over their karting experience. The micro ages 7-9 and mini ages 9-12 are divided under this category. IAME and RoK are the most highlighted engines for this class. The maximum engine speeds are 50 mph and 60 mph.

3. Junior Kart Racing Class

It is the most exciting and adventurous class for drivers of 12-15 age. Junior kart racing class uses a 100cc 2-stroke engine and is considered the entry gate for adult drivers. It is low in budget but high in enjoyment. The class mostly used IAME KA100, Yamaha KT100, and Master X100AC engines. 

4. Lo206 Karting Class

It is the most competitive and highly rising class in America. This class uses a 4-stroke Briggs and Stratton engine that can run over 60 to 70 mph. LO206 Junior, LO206 Senior, LO206 Masters and 125cc Tag Karting Class are different categories.  

5. 125cc Tag Karting Class

The drivers of the 12-15 age group follow this class. However, adults above 15 years old can also use it. This most competitive class uses a 125cc 2-stroke engine that can run over 70-80 mph. It is further divided into the junior and senior categories. IAME X30, Rotax Max, and RoK are the most found engines.

6. Shifter 125cc Karting Class

This class for 15 and above age groups mainly focuses on speed. These intermediate or advanced drivers can run at 80 mph and even 115 mph on sprint tracks. Honda CR125, IAME shifter, Rok Vortex Shifter, and Rotax Max DD2 EVO engines are used here.

7. Masters Racing Class

This class is for 32-year-old and above-age drivers. It uses a 150cc engine and follows weight variations of “heavy division” and “light divisions”. The drivers who do not match any division are headed to master class.

8. 250cc Superkart Racing Class

This superclass only focuses on speed and uses BRC250, Honda RS250, and TZ250 common engines. Here, the experienced drivers can run over 140 mph. This class is further divided into three broad categories;

  • Direct-drive karts (OK and OKJ): This top-level OK class is available for 14-year-olds, and the OKJ category is for the 12-14 age group. This class uses no-gearbox 125 cc water-cooled two-stroke engines.
  • Gearbox karts (KZ and KZ2): This class uses 125cc engines and is divided into KZ1 and KZ2 categories. The KZ2 class welcomes drivers of 15 years having 175 kg weight, while KZ1 considers the drivers of 170 kg weight.
  • Superkarts: This class uses a 2-stroke 250cc five or six-speed gearbox engine running over 100hp. It is the fastest of all classes. 

Go Kart – Prices Overview

If we conclusively overview the prices of all go-karts, we can see that Kids go-karts range from $300 to $1,500, adult go-karts can be accessed at $1,000 to $3,000, and Off-road go-karts range from $2,000 to $5,000.

How much is a go-kart cost?

“What is the go karting cost per person?”. Most people consider they should be a millionaire to get a go-kart, but it is untrue. There are several types, and some of them are expensive. For example, a new four-stroke go-kart will average cost about $5000. However, you can get the used karts for about $1000 as a minimum. Besides, there are several parts of a go-kart, and you can reduce the cost if you know the price of every part.

How Much Is a Go Kart for Adults?

A new adult go-kart prepared for racing costs between $2,000 and $12,000. The exact cost is determined by the type of engine you choose and the karting division you intend to compete in. For instance, a 2-stroke shifter kart is more affordable than a 2-stroke TaG go-kart, which is less expensive than a 4-stroke kart.

On the other hand, you might spend as little as $1500 on a used adult go-kart! But with low pricing, you can’t expect much better than a 4-stroke engine and a chassis that has been in service for a year or two.

How Much Is A Go Kart For A Kid?

On average, a brand-new go-kart for kids will cost $3000. A child’s go-kart can cost as much as an adult’s because youngsters can compete with seniors in races. But most youngsters in the Cadet and Junior divisions race go-karts that cost between $150 and $600.

However, a pedal go-kart for young kids can be purchased for as little as $150. A used child kart is also considerably less expensive than an adult one, with the majority costing under $1500. Also, these go-karts often use a 50cc 2-stroke engine, which accounts for their inexpensive price.

So if you still want to know “how much is go-kart racing near me,” you should explore different options in your area and compare prices. All the factors discussed above will help you to determine the best deal.


What are the major types of go-kart racing?

The main types of go-kart racing are below;

  • Sprint

In sprint races, tracks range from 0.25 to nearly 2 miles. Usually, there is a qualifying session where the fastest lap time earns the pole position for the main event. After that, a 15-minute sprint series starts to see the final winner.

  • Endurance

The duration of sessions in this race format varies. Mostly, it depends on the specific race series, with some lasting for 24 hours of constant kart driving, such as the well-known Le Mans race. These are also called endurance races and usually last 30-60 minutes.

  • Speedway

The oval karting or speedy race format occurs on oval tracks, usually shorter than sprint varieties. They range between 150 yards to a mile-quarter.

Is go-kart racing too costly? If yes, why?

Yes, it is quite expensive. Go-kart racing may cost about $5K to $10K in the regional or club leagues and will be much more than that for the national league. And the most probable reason is its similarity to a small car. Like a car, a go-kart has wheels, an engine kit, a chassis, etc. These parts make the go-karts so expensive.

How much is a go-kart track?

The price of a go-kart track depends on different factors like size, area, and duration of use. So, the best deal can be determined after contacting the local go-kart track provider. 

How much will a professional go-kart cost?

The professional go-karts may cost about $10K. However, getting some used parts can reduce the cost.


Being a new go-kart racer, you may want to know how much a go-kart is. Go-karting is not an inexpensive sport. We briefly discuss all the aspects affecting the go-kart price and how you can get cheap go-karts. If you find a used go-kart for sale, it can be the best option because, in this way, you can get a cheaper go-kart. So move ahead, consider all the above-discussed aspects, and get the cheapest go-kart that is most appropriate for you.

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