Should Go Karts Have Seat Belts – Complete Review [2024]

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According to traffic law, wearing a seat belt during car driving is essential and keeps you safe from severe injuries during any mishap. The same rule applies to go-kart driving, even if it becomes more necessary while driving smaller vehicles. But here the question arises: Do go karts have seat belts?

The quick answer is some go-karts have, and some do not. The expert go-kart racers having open or racing go-karts skip seat belts. On the other hand, off-road go-karts having roll cages or those used for recreational or commercial purposes mostly come with seat belts.

But the main intention remains unanswered: Should go-karts have seat belts? And what are the pros and cons of having seat belts in go-karts? Let’s jump here to this article, where we will briefly describe all possible aspects of whether or not go-karts should have seat belts and which go-karts should not. 

Why Some Go Karts Don’t Have Seat Belts?

Not all go-karts don’t have seatbelts; some have them. Whether to have a go-kart with a seatbelt or not depends on the driver. Most professional drivers choose not to use seatbelts when racing open. Instead, they use other safety measures like helmets and racing suits for protection from flung from their go-kart. They believe flinging from a go-kart is more secure than being trapped inside a go-kart without protection.

Trapping in a go-kart can result in severe injuries because a go-kart may catch fire and cause harm when someone is trapped inside. Recently, an incident occurred at Myrtle Beach Go-Kart Track where a teenager was trapped inside a kart and suffered severe injuries.

go kart seatbelt overview

Which Go Karts Have Seat Belts?

Go KartsSeat Belts Yes/No
Recreational Go-KartsYes
Off-Road Go-KartsYes
DIY Go-kartsSometimes
Concession Go-KartsYes
Professional Go-KartsNo

1. Recreational Go-Karts 

As the name suggests, the primary purpose of recreational go-karts is to provide entertainment instead of performance while ensuring safety. And thus, they have seatbelts.

Unlike professional go-karts, recreational go-karts are slow. The seatbelt addition in these karts helps drivers prevent injury during sudden stops. And similar you will find in used go kart seat belts of the recreational category.

Recreational go-karts further fall into the following options;

  • Go kart seat belts 3 point: 3-point seat belts for go-kart come in a Y-shape arrangement. In addition to a single loop around the lap, its three safety points provide extra security with a strap over the shoulder and across the chest. This ensures maximum protection while keeping the rider firmly inside the go-kart. It is mainly best for adventurous driving. 
  • Go kart seat belts 4 point: A 4-point seat belt for go-kart comes with four attachments of the seat, ensuring that the pelvis remains steady and aligned with the seat and back supports. The belt also includes a sash across the chest and a single shoulder strap to cover the legs and provide extra security and safety.
  • Go kart seat belts 5 point: 5 point seat belt includes a floor strap with pull-up/pull-down setting on all five straps to grip you firmly from five sides, including your shoulders and legs. It also includes mounting hardware.

2. Off-Road Go-Karts

Off-road go-karts are specially designed for adventurous outdoor activities, so they specially focus on safety requirements. The interesting thing about these go-karts is that most people mistakenly believe that the roll cage or bar will protect them in the event of a flip or crash, but it’s not true.

You should use the default seat belt instead of a roll cage or bar to ensure safety during an incident. No doubt, cages, and bars are for security; however, it’s not sure that they will always secure you. That’s why using a seat belt is always a secure option. 

3. DIY Go Karts

Diy go-karts are also known as homemade go-karts built from scratch. Using them, you will be free to use seat belts. For example, you can make a go-kart for speed and performance and see that seat belts are crucial, while others may not. So, if your DIY karts do not contain seat belts, you should use other safety measures like a helmet or neck brace for your protection. 

4. Concession Go-Karts

Concession go-karts, also called rental go-karts, mainly include seat belts. They are primarily used in funfair or amusement parks. Thus, safety is superior. 

Professional Go-Karts

These go-karts do not prioritize seat belts. Their main intention is to provide performance and speed; thus, drivers believe it is safer to be ejected in case of a crash rather than being restrained.

Is Go-Kart Seat Belt Replacement Necessary?

Yes, you should not ignore replacing your go-kart seat belts because, with time, they can be worn or damaged. So before embarking on your trip or race, you must ensure that your go-kart seat belts are working properly and are in good condition. Otherwise, you may be at risk of injury in the accident. Whether replacing the go-kart seat belt is not tricky, many still need clarification in this simple process. You can get help from these essential checkouts before replacing your seat belt:

  • Identify the belt type (symmetrical or asymmetrical)
  • Measure driven pully diameter
  • Note down the center distance.

Can You Add Seat Belts to your Go Karts?

When it comes to go-karting, you may have several questions on your mind: how can I install a seat belt in my go-kart? Why should I have a seat belt in my go-kart? How will a seat belt enhance or diminish my safety when a go-kart is involved in an accident? What is the connection between safety equipment and seat belts?

First, let’s address the primary question of whether you can add seat belts to a go-kart. The answer is yes; it’s a relatively straightforward process that doesn’t require extensive expertise. If you’d like assistance with the installation, you can visit AAMCO LEE’S SUMMIT, where experts can provide guidance on fitting a seat belt into your go-kart.

Historically, in 1966, Congress passed a rule mandating seat belts in vehicles to enhance driver safety during accidents. This legislation has unquestionably saved countless lives by preventing ejections and minimizing injuries during collisions.

However, when it comes to go-karting, my personal experience suggests that seat belts may not always be necessary. Go-karts are designed for easy exit, so it’s often preferable to quickly exit the kart if needed. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to underscore that while a seat belt may not be essential, you should absolutely prioritize safety by using appropriate safety equipment. This includes wearing a helmet, gloves, knee protectors, elbow protectors, and safety glasses designed for driving.

It’s important to note that when you’re driving or riding in an off-road go-kart, having a seat belt becomes more critical. Most go-karts are equipped with protective cages, making it advisable to use a seat belt to maintain your position and prevent injury in the event of a rollover or collision.”

My Review

Having the go-kart craze, I love to entertain myself with it. However, I never compromised on safety measures and violated the law. Safety is always my priority, so I never drive without seat belts. They are smaller and slower than other vehicles, making them more dangerous if improperly handled.

Seat belts always save me in a collision or sudden stop. But it’s my opinion; many other go-kart drivers have different views. Some of them don’t wear seat belts during the open racing. I oppose this; if they ignore it, they should adopt other security measures to keep them safe during the race. So, your options may also vary according to your selection.  


Go-kart seat belts are essential to ensure maximum security and safety. Besides, not wearing seat belts also violates the rules. However, many go-kart drivers skip seat belts, especially in open racing. However, they adopt different other safety measures to ensure their protection. This article will help you decide whether to choose the seat belt option or another for the specific track. If you are still unsure about the particular choice for your track or racing, you should search for “go kart seat belts near me” and get his recommendations according to your track.


What safety equipment is essential during go-karting?

The following go-karting equipment is essential for every go-kart driver to use:

  • Full-face helmet
  • Neck brace
  • Racing balaclava
  • Driving boots
  • Gloves
  • Chest protector
  • Racing suit

At what age can you start go-karting?

Parents should consider allowing their child to start go-karting when the child reaches five years old.

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