Be Ready, An Official F1 Go-Kart Track is Coming in 2024

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Go-karting is not only fun but a thrilling hobby for everyone. Yeah, Formula 1 is a high-class realm of the elites, especially the elite drivers worldwide. A piece of good news has knocked the hearts of go-kart enthusiasts with the exhibition of F1 across the borders right in London. Still curious?

The exhilaration will occur at one of the most favourite places known as Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. The event will be held with an exclusive collaboration of Premier League Whopper and Formula 1. The collaboration will result in a concluding go-kart experience with a special milestone. The milestone is to revolutionize the world of go-kart and Formula 1 with something exclusive for Formula 1 car racing.

The long-awaited moment is coming in early 2024 with the name of F1 DRIVE. Excitingly, it’s the first F1 karting adventure held worldwide.

Are you overjoyed? It is going to be held in the South Stand of the stadium. The venue is expansive and people are eagerly waiting to join the top and largest indoor karting track in the city. Surprisingly, the overall layout consists of three unique formations.

What’s more? The innovative Drag Reduction system with an 18cm LED display on the wheel makes it eye-chanting for the drivers. Yeah, it has a real-time stats system with a new “Boost” button. It’s designed to deliver extra power in terms of short bursts without charging issues because of automatic charging during sessions. These experiences cuddle everyone’s attention with unique vehicle power levels and other mentioned features. So, it depicts that everyone can experience F1 karting, i.e., beginners, youngsters, and professional drivers.

What is more enjoyable about the go kart? The latest go-kart audio shot the recording by favourite stars like Max Verstappen, Lewis Hamilton, and Charles Leclerc. It has fueled up the Grand Prix races, having insights with the most favourite personalities like Naomi Schiff and David Croft.

The new F1 Go-kart is intended to provide sustainability from every aspect and customized features just like fully-equipped electric cars. Beyond ordinary changes, the upcoming Formula 1 has opened new horizons that the fans are eagerly waiting for.

The dedication is portrayed in a conversation with the director of Commercial Partnerships for Formula 1, “We wanted to create a karting experience that truly captures the feeling and atmosphere of Formula 1 and offers an accessible entry point to our sport for as many people as possible, and F1 Drive – London is going to deliver on this vision and more.”


“Whether you’re just starting out on your motorsport journey with your eyes set on the F1 Grid or are looking for a great day out with family and friends, F1 Drive – London can deliver an authentic F1 experience for all. I’m excited to see the karts launch and track testing begin, and I can’t wait to see our fans hitting the track in the new year.”

In brief, go-kart enthusiasts will get avant-garde experience with F1 in 2024. The opening dates, ticket bookings, and issuance will commence soon after a few weeks. So be ready to book tickets and backpacks for the first-ever F1 go-kart track in 2024.

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