Go Karting Experience Opens in South London

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The United Kingdom’s premier indoor go-karting company, Team Sports, has recently unveiled its state-of-the-art go-karting facility in South London.

Launched on Friday, November 10th, this exciting venue offers Londoners the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing through a cutting-edge track.

A captivating new attraction featuring ‘power-up’ bonuses scattered throughout the racing track is set to captivate participants.

Go Karting Experience Opens in South London

Inspired by the popular Mario Kart, this unique racing track seamlessly merges real-world racing with gaming, allowing players to compete against each other using various boosts and bonuses to gain an advantage or impede their opponents.

The track integrates state-of-the-art augmented reality technology into its battle racing events.

Who Can Participate?

Gamers aged 13 and above can now immerse themselves in an interactive gameplay experience, racing karts on a real-world circuit. Engaging with fellow players, collecting power-ups, and overcoming challenges posed by opponents become integral to this thrilling experience.

The track boasts an exhilarating course with 21 corners, accommodating up to 17 drivers on an 800-meter track. Upon arrival at the Mitcham track, participating drivers will undergo a practice round, a qualifying round, and a grid-started race, divided into two 15-minute segments.

At the track, drivers have the flexibility to choose their opponents. They can either join an open session, competing against others who have booked the same session, or opt for an exclusive track session by paying a fee.

Choosing the exclusive track session allows you and your group to have the track to yourselves, bringing your favorite Mario Kart fantasies to life in a thrilling race.

The track features a range of bonuses, including Turbo, Blast, Bomb, Shield, and Power+. According to a representative from Team Sports, “Despite the absence of physical hurdles on the course, the power-ups will be visible on the kart’s screen and through lights projected on the race track. You can activate them using the button on the steering wheel.

This groundbreaking technology introduces a unique element to the racing process, calling for a fresh approach that combines innovative technology with thrilling performance, resulting in an electrifying experience both on and off the track.

Team Sports go-karting in South London caters to various events, including adult events (£66.20 p.p), individual races, combat sessions (£56.20 p.p), exclusive grand prix races (£66.20 p.p), kids and family go-karting or birthday parties (£56.20 p.p), corporate go-karting (£56.20 p.p), stag and hen parties, and more.

Track Venue: Unit 18 Mitcham Industrial Estate, Streatham Road, Mitcham CR4 2AP, England.

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